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22nd Century links.

Global Warming, environmental & ecological stuff.
An Inconvenient Truth. Get the real facts. Now available on DVD.
Al Gore. Our #1 advocate. Fighting the good fight.
Stop Global Warming .org Call to action. A real movement for change.
John Kerry .com Official site. Protect the arctic.
E.P.A. comprehensive information. U.S. Government site.

General info & external guides.
The American Enterprise. Politics, business & culture. Interesting Robert Zubrin article.
COAST TO COAST AM. Live interviews on most nights. Radio show, available globally.
The Lou Gentile Show. Paranormal Talk Radio. Must register using a valid email addy.
Psi Talk .com Paranormal Talk Radio.. Internet radio.
Earth Files .com Ancient Wisdom Foundation. Real X Files.
Steve Quayle .com Home of the Q-Files. Daily SW & Internet radio show.

AeroSpace, Astronomy & Exploration resources.
Bigelow Aerospace. Fly your stuff. Operational satelite in orbit.
Mars Society. An aggressive vision. Politically active.
Bad Astronomy .com A real live astronomer. Good with facts...
U of Conn, Physics Dept University of Connecticut. Department of Physics...

Brain & Mind resources.
Bio Cybernaut .com Brain Wave Biofeedback. Neurofeedback.

Conspiracy & secret resources.
Red Star Rogue. 1968 at the brink of nuclear war. Truth about the K129 sub.
Brad and Sherry .com The S Files. Nice links page.

Life extension, aging & health care resources.
a4m .com Live 121 years or more. An Anti-Aging Revolution.
My Long Life .com Leading edge in Anti-Aging. check out the longevity forum.

Psychic & remote viewing.
800 See Self .com Joseph Jacobs. Internationally known psychic.
Janis Amatuzio, MD ...aka the "compassionate coroner." ...real stories beyond death.
Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Time, space & infinity..." 31 books written to date.
Remote Viewing "how to" site. 4 disk DVD set..." Doing is believing.

Surveilance & counter - surveilance resources.
Bug Sweeps .com Advanced Electronic Security. Bug Sweep / Detective Agency

Technology of the future - Ideas, development ect....
Moller International. Tomorrows car today. Really here now! We all want a SkyCar...
Ronald L. Mallett Ph.D., Professor of Physics. Time Travel stuff...
Sean Carroll. Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics. Cal Tek.
Mark McCandlish. Stealth blimp? lol. site scrolls horizontally?

UFO, Alien & interplanetary resources.
Bob Lazar .com Area 51 aka "Dreamland" stuff. Great mpg downloads.
The Disclosure Project. Working to reveal the facts. UFO Megasite.
Enterprise Mission .com Richard C Hoagland. Focus on Mars.
David Sereda. Send Mr Sereda to Space. ...wants to search?
UFO digest .com video proof of UFOs! Lost Scorpion Found.
Timothy Good. UFO Authority. leading authority on UFOs.

Weird, strange, &... ...factual. Many articles. Allways something new.
Alien Scalpel .com dedicated to victims... ...of Alien Abduction.
Alien Hunter .org Alien abduction... Alien implants...
Graham Hancock .com Lost civilizations. Nice links page.

Weapons & war resources.
Doug Beason official site. Directed energy weapons. The E Bomb.

Weather resources.
Tropical Diesel. Very comprehensive. C(n)BC Affiliate.

...some of our newest or best fuckfriends.

Gemma Massey
An incredibly sexy brunette... An impressive collection of quality galleries. Her *look* is "Nice & Naughty with a Dash of sex godess ... Doesn't that sound like your kind of girl? You'll just have to see for yourself.

Live Video Chat...
Of about a bazillion sites doing video chat, SexyRhonda found the best. ...if you're into it, this is for you. The standards are high so, check out at least several of the hot ladies...

Milf biz Quick Hardcore Perv Links.
(Not for fainthearted.) The best hardcore site collection yet. actually still in development... Really. But, already usefull. Check out the cool free milf wallpapers!

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